What is…


My wife and I have a desire to see our children do better, and have better opportunities than we had. We know we are not unique in this desire. We began creating a resource to equip them in career planning but it grew, or better put it pivoted.

What we have now is a course that reaches beyond our children as something opened up to the broader community. Doing this should make the course better for each independent personality within our heritage. Isn’t it funny how helping others expands how we can help those we care about better?

What happened is our “quest” to help our children lead us to a quest to grow our skills helping others. In return, we broadened our horizons more and had more to offer them also. In some ways, it reminds me of the old Karate Kid movie where he was told to wax the car. Learning to be certified financial coaches, certified marriage coaches and loads of studying have brought positive comments from our children.

So, whether you are an individual or a parent, we believe the resources you have and the opportunities ahead are not subject to blind fate. You will have multiple chances to journey to success. Each opportunity you pivot on has tradeoffs. What is important to remember is resources, and opportunities are not forever. Waiting influences our future as much as the action does. Now is the time for us to learn how to make those decisions and to grow wiser about when to take action.

"How will you influence your future today?"

John Farrar.

LVQ Basic Features

Reality Mapping

Have you heard begin with the end in mind? Which end? How do you choose? In this section, we will explore how to answer these questions in ways that work for each of us.

For Better, For Worse

What is worse than going through life with someone who turns out to be worse? It is living life as a hypocrite, acting like someone else. We will learn how to understand who we are and how that changes everything in this section.

Improving the Journey

While the destinations make the journeys worth taking, we spend most of our time in the journey. In this session we will look at how to make the journey as dynamic as the destination.

LVQ Complete Additional Features

The Right Mix

How many times people have told me they are looking to find ballance in life. Yet, it seems to escape most people. In this session we will explore how to pursue the right mix.

The Real Reason

Why do you climb a mountain? Because it is there, right? NO! Every action we take in life, we expect results from it, even on our worse days. In this session we will be looking at mindsets that drive better results when we put our thoughts into action.

Surviving Change

Change comes in two packages. The first package is the one we expected. The second package is the one we did not. In this session we will explore both challenges and how to do better in each season.

Persistent Success

Success, real success can be achieved again, and in each season of life. We will spend this session looking at how that is done without authoring a premature biography called, ‘My Greatest Fiction’.