Courses in Life Planning

Life Vision Quest Basic

Life Vision Quest is a course that helps you move from experiencing the flow of life to navigating that flow. The goal of taking this course is to be better at answering the question.

How will you influence your future today?

We have packaged this version of our course for those who want the core fundamentals. It helps to know the answers to our challenges in life. Yet, we all know that there are more questions asked in life than any of us have the time to answer. Getting better at learning which questions should have answer depends on learning a couple of key principles we teach in the basics section of our course.

This course is not a generic one size fits all approach. We spent many days, months and weeks filtering through which pieces were common paths and what concepts were keys to helping us all understand our personal path forward. You can count on this not being six rules that will fix anybody's life. This course is a thoughtful and researched collection of tangible teachings that will give individualized traction without thinking we are the only answer you will ever benefit from.

So, your paths and wins are different. Yet, you are a human living among humans. Join us as we give you new insights into your personal life quest and help you build a vision for a future. Let us help you learn to understand where your influence has the best chance to impact tomorrow by building a vision to live your life as the best version of you.

Instructor:  John Farrar
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